AS220 Modern Movements Dance Festival 2017

AS220 Live Arts presents the second annual Modern Movements Dance Festival<, featuring seven dance artists and companies that celebrate the creativity, ingenuity, and experimentation of modern dance.

AS220 supports the creation of original work across a range of disciplines.  In keeping with this commitment, the Modern Movements Dance Festival recognizes dancers as makers: interdisciplinary artists that collaborate with choreographers; artists; musicians – along with lighting, sound and visual technicians – to make new work that pushes boundaries and expands our understanding of dance.

Highlights of the Modern Movements Dance Festival include three exceptional original pieces:

  • The world premiere of Myth, Legends, Questions: Three New Works for the Stage and Screen, presented by Doppelgänger Dance Collective
  • Emerging local artist Ronald Kevin Lewis’ The Light Show, an evening of collected work about wonder, hope and faith
  • Legendary dance guru Bill Evans’ Rhythmic Tap Ensemble

The Modern Movements Dance Festival includes a mixed bill of both emerging and mid-career artists from Rhode Island (April 18-19).  The Festival kicks off with our bi-annual Dance Works in Process event – an unjuried ‘sharing’ that provides both emerging and established choreographers an opportunity to show new work at various stages of development.  The festival also includes several master classes and a moderated artist discussion that reveals the process behind creating a dance work.

  • AS220 DANCE IMPACT in 2016:
    12 dance classes per week
    35 Masterclasses per year
    8760 users per year
    30 performances of 18 original dance pieces

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